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Web Development

We will create interactive and lasting visual impressions on the customers through your website. Our highly competent and experienced team of web developers will offer high-end web development services and solutions customized according to your necessity. Our goal is to offer the customers the all-important success they are striving for. We provide a range of services including CRM and ERP implementations, Software development, Web solutions along with customized IT consulting specifically designed for an individual client. We are a dynamic company offering worldwide service and proud to associate with some of the top web developers of the world. We love to keep our commitments and deliver our services while fully respecting the deadline. We believe in providing quality service at an affordable price. Customer satisfaction is the primary objective of our organization.

  • Years of experience
  • A team of top developers
  • Complete client satisfaction
  • Consultancy, development and integration
  • High-end support system

Online Stores & e-Commerce Solutions

Until a few years ago, creating an online store was expensive because it involved hiring web developers and creating a personalized e-commerce website. Now things have changed as you are almost overwhelmed by the choice of e-commerce plug-ins and web solutions to build an online store yourself. Although, this is great news for the growing number of bloggers and freelancers looking to create and sell digital articles on their own blogs or websites, everyone is not an expert in web development. Creating your own online stores and e-Commerce section may not be a good idea when you are not good at it and unable to solve the day to day problems that may occur. Instead, concentrate on your primary business activities and let us handle and take care of the headaches of maintaining your online stores and e-Commerce solutions. Use our services to create your own online stores by choosing from a wide variety of professional templates. Get or connect your own domain and customize your web pages at will according to your product line.

  • Your own domain
  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Hundreds of Templates
  • Intuitive platform
  • Mobile optimized

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile application development is an important area for every brand in the current world. Developing custom Android and iOS mobile apps for every industry is our specialty. The open-source feature of Android brings a lot of room for creativity in application development and our team can exploit the high-end Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features that offer endless possibilities for developing breakthrough applications. With the increasing sales of iPhones, companies have found a new market in the development of iPhone applications and our extremely reliable team for Mobile App Development will provide you with the best possible cross-platform or/and native apps at an unbelievable price. We will give you the perfect App even after starting from scratch. Our developers will provide you with the perfect mobile application that goes well with your business at a reasonable price.

  • A highly experienced team of developers
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Automated mobile app testing
  • Time bound delivery
  • User-centric design
  • 100% unique application

Computer Programming

We are highly specialized in designing and developing customized computer applications specifically designed for your need. We complete every project with the utmost care, from the study phase to its integration, for a client or a company according to functional needs and specifications. We have a highly coordinated team of developers dedicated for your complete satisfaction. Our computer programming service will make you a pro in the subject through in-depth learning methods. We have some of the top computer programmers to help you out and offer solutions to your problems. Learn from the experts about the intricacies of computer programming. We develop different types of computer programs as per your requirement and our dedicated project manager will follow up regularly for timely completion of the project and avoid miscommunication.

  • New Modern Mode of developing
  • Free live support is offered
  • Dedicated support personnel
  • Community support
  • Free registration, Webinars and Quick tips

Web Support & IT

Coozmoo prides itself as a service provider of IT solutions for businesses and communities. We are committed to making the integration and exploitation of IT solutions easier within your organization. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals, trained and certified across the entire range of solutions on offer. Our team has the necessary skills to assist you in the evolution of your information system (needs study, design, implementation, operation, and monitoring /reporting, assistance) around LAN, MAN and WAN infrastructures.  We will offer exquisite web support and IT assistance along with troubleshooting and training. We will help in creating your website, remote maintenance, and invaluable advice. Years of experience made us a veteran in the field of IT services and web support. We have a large customer base and the number is growing continuously.

  • Professional Support
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Every type of Troubleshooting
  • Multimedia Support
  • Web and App Solutions
  • Reinstallation and Backup
  • Troubleshooting, Cleaning, and Antivirus

Website and Domain Hosting

Find out our offers of domain names, web hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS. If you launch your very first website for your company and you are new to it, it may become difficult to maintain the domain name and hosting formalities. Need a website or/and domain hosting, then we have the solution. Save your time and let us manage your website hosting. We will provide great uptime and faster load times at unbelievable cheap rate. Our virtual private servers have more flexibility compared to the dedicated physical servers. The services include the virtual machines having the facility of SSD storage, which is perfect for fulfilling your requirements such as high performance, greater independence, evolution and flexibility. The cost of such a server is extremely low and offer high stability.

  • Free domain name
  • Emails, PHP, MySQL, Databases
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic
  • 1-click install
  • Website creation software included
  • Simple and easy to use admin panel
  • 24×7 Support

Big Data and Cloud Technologies

Faced with the explosion of information, Big Data aims to offer an alternative to traditional database and analysis solutions (SQL Server, Business Intelligence platform). Big Data brings together a family of tools that answer a triple problem: a large volume of data to be processed, a large variety of information (from several sources, unstructured, structured, Open data) and that also in quick time. We are expert in the guide you through the Big Data and Cloud Technologies. Big Data helps you to cope with the huge volume of data explosion, a great service invented by some of the top web giants. Such solutions are designed to provide real-time access to giant databases. We are recognized as a master of managing Cloud and Big Data technologies and databases. We support the digital transformation of organizations by advising them in the management and utilization of their strategic information.

  • Full utilization and valuation of your data
  • Cloud Hosting Support
  • Big Data Project Development
  • Database Management
  • 24×7 Support

Data Analysis & Reports

Often, it is not the data that are lacking, but the capacity that we have to exploit it. Moreover, it is the lack of knowledge about the tools to be adapted and the expertise to manage them according to our needs which constitutes the main obstacle. Our team will allow you to discover information driven by queries through high-quality data analysis and reports. We have the solution for retrieving and formatting data from multiple sources for your business needs. Freely search and explore your data, instantly directing your analysis to have new ideas. The absolute data analysis will enable to have a complete inclusive view of your data set with the flexibility of cloud-based data analytics.

  • Do the unthinkable with your data
  • Realize the real value of your data
  • Demo Video
  • Incredible analytic experts
  • Interactive analysis, beyond borders
  • Intelligent and simple visualizations
  • Create and explore on any device

Online Products & Software Solutions

Current day corporations require anticipating the future direction and needs of their business for the constant evolvement of online products and software solutions. An online store is essential for anyone who wants to take part in e-commerce. Yet, the supplies of professional and well-documented applications are vast, making choice complicated. You need to understand what are the most popular online shopping systems on the market and how are they different from others. How to know which platform is best for your project? With our vast experience, we can make the comparison of different online stores ideal for your requirements and help you discover the possibilities available to you to make a professional online store. We will give you the perfect program having the functionalities needed for your e-commerce project. We make every effort to facilitate your purchases of products, supplies and services.

  • Website applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Database Management
  • Quality engineering
  • Cloud services
  • Mobility solutions
  • Data science

Custom Business Applications

Business application development is a specialized job. We offer the customers with solutions for business application development for years. Thanks to our vast experience, it is becoming easier for us to provide the necessary inputs for the development of a business web application allowing our customers to have exclusive solutions as per their needs. Our web application development makes the life of our clients simply with better control over their business activities and increased revenue.  Understanding the basis and then develop its application according to its needs and open this private software to its client by web technology. With our support easily create the business applications you need and develop or customize the applications you already use. We offer unlimited opportunities from a single platform. We have powerful applications that cover productivity and business data.

  • Faster Innovation
  • No limit to use the platform
  • The complete transformation of your business
  • A powerfully integrated data service
  • Complete customization
  • Connect your apps to data

Coozmoo Corporation Advantages

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End-to-end solutions

We deliver robust, quality end-to-end solutions that can fully meet your individual requirements from design and development to testing, deployment and lifecycle management.

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Customized IT support

Business needs are different from one professional organization to another. Our custom applications give you more control over the execution of process improvements that can optimize your business.


Web and mobile apps

Web development and mobile app give a robust and effective communication mode to showcase your business ideas and services and reaching out to your clients.

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Dynamic websites

Our extremely efficient developers will come up with the most suitable dynamic website for your brand; a modular and editable website with an intuitive administration interface and advanced functions for SEO and publishing.


Highly time bound service

Time is money and we believe and perform accordingly. Our service is completely time-bound and we pride in delivering results within the deadline.


A wide range of applications

We offer a wide range of custom application development and outsourcing skills based on the most modern software platforms, tools and project management techniques.

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