If you ever find it difficult to bear the vicissitudes of the human world, you can always dive into the vibrant world of the aquatic. Once you do dive into the underwater territory, it might become irresistible altogether. While there is the endless natural beauty to explore in the marine world, there are equally dangerous threats in diving sites. It is, for this reason, important to take notice of the safety levels offered at diving sites. Enlisted below are 6 of the safest diving spots in the waters of the US.

Point Lobos State Marine Conservation Area, California

As a conservation area, the Point Lobos State Marine Conservation Area allows a maximum of 30 divers a day in its waters. This water body is located in the waters of California and comes under the state’s network of marine protected areas. It imposes a multitude of restrictions on the diving activities that it offers. It might be a little difficult to adjust to these requirements, at first. But the biggest advantage of such a confined setup is a pristine water territory. It is one of the USA’s safest spots for scuba divers.

The underwater reserve offers favorable conditions all the year round to take a dive at any time of the 365 days. There are easy and effortless ways to navigate through the entire territory. Rock formations in the region are also safely placed, running in the parallel direction to the beach. In addition to its perfectly spotless waters, there is a wide range of flora and fauna available to your visual delight. You can witness leopard sharks and harbor seals. There are various colorful plants spread across to add to the beauty of the place.

Pelagic Magic, Kona, Hawaii

With the clarity of a crystal, the Pelagic Magic is a scuba diving spot in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. This place is situated in a remote location in the US-occupied island of Hawaii. In the vast lengths of the open ocean, this underwater realm offers you the scintillating picture of the aquatic ecosystem. Here, you get to swim with unknown varieties of fauna and gaze at vivacious species of flora with guaranteed safety.

The presence of bioluminescent creatures is the major attraction of this otherwise dark and dusky location. With this characteristic feature, the Pelagic Magic brings to you a magical night dive experience. One of its kinds, this night dive produces all the visuals in a more striking quality. The divers are made to wear illuminating light masks that add to the stunning visuals of the underwater. Once you dive right into the water body, jellyfishes and zooplanktons fill your vision of the underwater and present a breathtakingly beautiful sight. The gloomy abyss of the Pacific turns into an irradiated empire of the marine inhabitants.

Bonne Terre Mine

Regarded as one of the top ten most adventurous locations in America, the Bonne Terre Mine brings to you a fantastic scuba diving experience. In the bygone days, the place was the world’s largest lead mine. When all of its mineral content was mined out, water started filling the area and gave birth to the underwater diving region of the Bonne Terre Mine. This is a natural historic place and one of the unique underwater territories.

When you take a dive into the waters of the Bonne Terre Mine, you will find a collection of artifacts in the form of mining equipment. There are large pillars and archways that pervade the whole underwater region. This destination is regarded as one of the safest scuba diving spots in the US because of its lack of marine life and danger of the aquatic fauna.

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Texas

Located near the Gulf of Mexico, the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary is home to coral reefs and more aquatic life. The fishermen of the region discovered this site for the first time in the 19th century. It is a federally selected underwater area with strict protection. Salt domes are the distinctive feature of this sanctuary. These are miniature mountains made of salt that make a beautiful landscape underwater. It is divided into three areas: east flower garden bank, Stetson bank, and west flower garden bank.

Scuba divers witness layers of coral reefs in this underwater terrain near the Mexican Gulf. Each of the three regions of this sanctuary has its own boundaries. As the name suggests, this underwater dive will offer you exquisite varieties of aquatic flowers and flora.

Devil’s Den, Florida

One of the unique natural springs in Florida, the Devil’s Den is a private training and scuba diving center. It caters to scuba divers with its specially designed swimming holes. This is a private diving spot and, therefore, offers a tightly secure environment for scuba enthusiasts. Apart from diving, the place also offers picnic and camping facilities. It also provides certified instructors to help you indulge in a mind-blowing diving experience.

Surrounded by the natural lifestyle in the city of Williston, Florida, this scuba diving location is a freshwater diving spot. The place is very popular and usually remains packed during the weekends. It also allows other water sports activities like snorkeling. There are lodgings near this diving spot for safe accommodation.

Biscayne Maritime Heritage Trail, Florida

Experience an enthralling diving show at the Biscayne Maritime Heritage Trail in South Florida. The underwater grounds of this park display the remains of some historic shipwrecks. The area has been humanly designed with vessels and other wrecks have been placed to give it a wonderful look. It is easily navigable and equally exciting to wander through the century-old remains of shipwrecks. A lighthouse has been added to the trail recently.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the most fun activities at the Biscayne Maritime Heritage Trail. From gigantic and small vessels to lighthouses, this underwater territory gives you an intriguing view, unlike the marine life.

Enjoy the rejuvenating experience of scuba diving with the utmost safety levels at the above-mentioned underwater destinations in the US.