Battery life

The mechanism that artificial intelligence allows to recognize which applications and processes are really needed at a certain point not only improves performance by releasing resources, but also reducing energy consumption. Machine learning algorithms identify processes that significantly burden the processor by increasing the use of computing power and heat generation and then linking them to actual user activity to precisely determine which ones can be stopped and which are completely excluded in order to achieve the right savings. As a consequence,

Huawei Mate 10 Pro can work for two days with only one charge.

Artificial intelligence is also very useful when charging the battery. This process requires a lot of precision and continuous monitoring so as not to provoke overheating of the cells, which can lead to self-ignition. Artificial intelligence ensures the necessary checking and prediction of the change in what Mate 10 Pro allows to be charged with high-voltage power extremely quickly and in a completely safe way.

Improve call quality

About this little people are thinking until he comes into the situation that he has to make an important call on a noisy street or train station. The quality of the sound that the microphone registers determines how well the interlocutor will be comfortable with us, despite the use of the microphone for noise canceling, it is difficult to filter the noise that surrounds us. But this is not the case if you have the help of artificial intelligence that can recognize which sounds are background noise and which should be sent to the listener, clear and unchanged. This process works in the opposite direction. If you find yourself in a noisy street, artificial intelligence will amplify the sound of spoken words and make it easy for you to hear them. When you step into a no-noise area, your magic phone will recognize the new environment and automatically reduce the volume of the call.

Photo quality

The artificial intelligence algorithms supported by the NPU chip have a great impact on the quality of the photos taken by the camera. Schema recognition and machine learning processes identify objects within the frame and automatically select the optimal settings for creating a perfect image. Instead of searching the options in the menu and spending the precious seconds of selecting the appropriate mode, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro user can only direct the camera and press the button – artificial intelligence will make sure the picture is best in the given circumstances.

Artificial intelligence is irreplaceable in determining the focus. In this case, the biggest gain is saving a fraction of a second compared to the time the camera’s optical need to be adapted, especially when shooting objects on the move. Artificial intelligence is able to recognize that object, predict where it will be at the next moment, and precisely direct the focus to that location.