The art of transforming data into value.

Outsource data entry and concentrate on your core business.

For the better function of your business it needs attention and we will make you free of burden by taking care of all the data entry processes. We will handle your database management, the layout or the digitization of your company’s information through every possible data entry service.

Data Filling and Data Entry work

You may have a surplus of important information (addresses, completed questionnaires, reply cards, files) in paper or electronic format. But they are not utilized at all or underutilized because they are not digitized, captured or updated in the right manner. There may be important meetings and decisions which need to be summarized properly. Reliable and efficient address entry makes your direct marketing operations profitable and we ensure it. Entering encrypted or textual data is not a problem for our highly professional team. Our teams are trained to offer you high-quality services. Our efficient team of data entry professionals will ensure that you only focus and concentrate on your core business while we take care of your data entries. We thrive on quality services, accurate data entry with respect for confidentiality and speed of production.

  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Loyalty Cards and Coupons
  • Reports and Graphics
  • Schema Directories
  • MP3 Files
  • Encrypted Data
  • Financial and accounting data
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Error-free entry

Excel and Spreadsheet Work

We will take care of your Excel spreadsheet and database to offer you a synthetic vision of your business. Our professional team handling Excel and Spreadsheets will make sure you have quick access to all the necessary information about your business and professional activity. For individuals of every profession, the speed of decision is an asset to succeed in the industry. It is important to have quick access to important data to be able to take quick decisions at the right moment. Efficient management of Excel and Spreadsheet data about your organization will enable you to achieve that. We will ensure highly competent data management services by managing and processing your business information efficiently in Excel and Spreadsheet.

  • Secretariat Services for every sector
  • Executive Assistant for every industry
  • Accounting management services
  • Sales Administration services
  • Project Monitoring by dedicated managers
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed
  • Time-bound services

Data Processing

The data processing is the prerequisite to the constitution of a structured and qualified database, the basis for a powerful CRM. We offer various data processing solutions such as deleting duplicates within the same file or to remove duplicates between different files based on one or more criteria. The RNVP (Restructuring, Standardization, and Validation Postal) treatment is the setting to the postal standards of the addresses of a file which allows the good distribution of your postal items by appreciably reducing the PND (folds not distributed). The treatment of moving files is also done to detect all relocations from a database or file. Another important function is the Bloctel treatment which allows consumers to no longer be solicited by a professional with whom he has no contractual relationship. Our team of highly experienced data processing professionals can manage your data processing competently and will offer you a seamless service.

  • Standardization: RNVP treatment
  • Deleting Duplication
  • Treatment of moving data
  • Bloctel treatments

Data Analytics

Our data analysis professionals will ensure that you do not have to fight with your data, but will be able to use them to your advantage. Data is the essence of any organization, and those who understand it are well positioned to grow in an environment where industries are changing and changing at an accelerating pace. We thrive in the vision that applying computer and mathematical techniques to data can create new opportunities for the company. Our team of professionals can show you how different types of analysis can benefit your business by combining business, technology and math. Over the years, we have helped several organizations innovate, adapt to change, increase revenue; increase efficiency, and better understand the risks in their industry. We provide a new generation environment that fosters the germination of ideas, innovation and the creation of prototypes.

  • Write once, deploy anywhere
  • Eliminate data movement
  • Ensure data security
  • Application integration
  • Analyze Big Data

Coozmoo Corporation Advantages


Global Reach

We provide uniform service to worldwide clients going beyond the boundaries of different time zones; languages and cultures.

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Highly affordable

We have an extremely cost effective service that is designed specifically keeping in mind the need of your business and budget. We will not burn your hard earned resources.


Quick Turnaround

We know the importance of time and its value to you. We will serve you through our fast service and never fail the deadlines.


High-quality Services

Our experts will provide with unmatched quality in data entry services with error-free operations and transformation of your business data into performance, brand building and of course revenue.

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Excellent Support

We ensure dedicated team handling each assignment with continued support even after delivery. Your satisfaction is our exaltation.


Customized Guidance

We go beyond professional duties to provide customized guidance to excel your business and data entry operations. Our experienced team will help analyze your situation with data entry and how you can make them more effective.

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