Cookie Policy

By this cookie policy, the website operator informs visitors of this website, of the use of cookies or similar storage technologies (hereinafter “cookies”) implemented on this site (hereinafter “website” or “web”) or utilized by us.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored by your browser on your computer or mobile media to save certain information or image files, such as pixels. The next time you visit our website on the same device, the information stored in the cookies will be transmitted accordingly either to our website (“first party cookie”) or to some other websites which actually have these cookies (“third party cookie”).

Through this exchange of information recorded during your various passages on the website in question, it recognizes that you use the same browser and device. We use this information to be able to design and display the website optimally and according to your preferences.

As a result, only the cookie itself is identified on your device. Your personal data will be recorded only when you express consent or if this is strictly necessary to use the service that is offered to you and therefore to which you have access.

Consent for the use of cookies

We only use the cookies which are not utterly required for making the services available on our website when we receive your consent. As soon as you continue to actively use our website after the display of the cookie banner, you consent to the use of these cookies. Of course, you can customize the cookie settings at any time, for example by enabling or disabling certain categories of cookies. To learn how to disable or delete cookies in general (including necessary cookies) in your browser, refer to the “Disabling and deleting all cookies” section of this Cookies Policy.

Categories of cookies

We classify and differentiate cookies according to their purpose and function such as:

  • Cookies strictly necessary;
  • Functional cookies;
  • Performance cookies;
  • Cookie marketing/cookie of third parties/cookies subject to the consent


The operation of our websites is guaranteed by the use of certain cookies that are called accordingly “strictly necessary cookies”. They are used exclusively by our system and are “first-party cookies”. All information collected by these cookies is sent to our website only. Your consent is not required for these cookies. It is therefore not possible to activate or deactivate them individually. You can do this for cookies requiring your consent only, i.e. functional, performance and marketing cookies. You can disable cookies at any time from your browser (see the section “Disabling and deleting all cookies”).

The legal basis for the use of these first-party cookies is our legitimate interest in the analysis, optimization and cost-effective operation of our website and our digital services.


Functional cookies are used to collect information that you have already provided. We use them to offer you better, more personalized features. These cookies collect information anonymously only and cannot be used to track your movements on other sites. You may at any time choose not to use functional cookies by adjusting the settings of your cookies accordingly.

The use of functional cookies is legally based on a legitimate interest of analysis, optimization and profitable operation of this website and services.


Performance cookies collect information about the use of our websites to improve their appearance, content and functionality. These cookies help us, for example, to determine which side pages of our site are visited and what type of content our users are interested in. We record the number of visits made on each of our pages, the number of sub-pages consulted, the time spent on our website, the order of the pages visited, the search terms used to find our site, the country, region and, if applicable, the city from which access is made. We also collect movement, click, and scroll information from the computer mouse to understand which areas of our website are of particular interest to users. Thus, we can adapt the content of our website in a personalized way adapted to the needs of our users while optimizing our offer. For some technical purposes, your computer’s IP address may be transmitted. It is automatically made anonymous, so that it is not assigned to the user individually.

The site user also has the right to oppose the processing of personal data used for statistical purposes for reasons relating to the particular situation of the user in question. In order to exercise its rights and especially the aforementioned rights, the data subject may contact us at any time at the contact address indicated in the legal notice and/or cookie policy of this site.


Third-party cookie/cookie marketing/consent cookies are used to collect information on user-visited websites. This collection is made for advertising purposes in order to create targeted advertisements for users.

You may at any time object or disagree with the use of these marketing cookies, individually and permanently by changing the settings of your cookies. In view of the uses described above, the processing of personal data collected by cookies is based on the regulatory guidelines. When the user/visitor agrees to the use of cookies collected by us after being informed through different channels (such as Facebook) or directly from our websites (through the information banner about cookies), the legality of the use made of these cookies is based on respective guidelines.

Disabling and deleting all cookies

It is possible to configure your browser to prevent the use and storage of cookies on your device and/or that you are asked each time a site visit to enable cookies. You can also, at any time, delete cookies that have been reactivated. Check out the help section of your browser to find out how. Please note that disabling cookies globally may cause malfunctions on our site.