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We accompany business personalities, entrepreneurs and professionals improve their business content and writing as knowing how to write quality texts are an important asset in business. The right consultation at the right moment is the difference between success and failure.

Business Plans and Services

Want to start your own service or product company? We have the perfect business plan for you to get started. Every business plan is different, but all successful business plans have some common elements. Our experienced professionals just know how to take into account the particularities of your business and its environment and make it a grand success. It is not necessary to write a well-developed business plan, but a document that accurately reflects the plan you plan to put in place for your business. To help you get started, we have created various examples of business plans for different industries and service companies. You can also find templates and guides that will help you make a complete business plan based on the structure and registration of your business.

  • Years of experience
  • Customized business strategies
  • Competitive advantages
  • Perfect Growth plans
  • Innovative marketing policies
  • Effective operational ideas
  • Strategy to include social responsibility
  • Economic services

Business Strategy Consulting

We provide you with the winning strategy to develop your business and we advise you in all areas that engage its future. Analysis, internal and external diagnosis, scenarios arbitration, recommendations, action plan and monitoring of its implementation are the key steps. We will help you out with both inbound and outbound marketing strategies. We offer cutting-edge business strategy consulting to accelerate your digital transformation. The pace of the economy has never been so fast and your customers expect no less. We will help change your business strategy according to market demands. We offer dedicated and customized support for all industry sectors. The marketing and sales expert determines the levers of action to stimulate your development.

  • Winning Business Strategy Consultation
  • Optimization of your business expenses
  • Helping you to business diversification
  • Capturing new markets
  • Optimization of selling price and production volume
  • Corporate, Brand and Functional Strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational effectiveness

PowerPoint Presentations

In order to succeed in business, you need to pitch your product and services in the right manner in front of the potential investors and stakeholders. You have to sell your ideas and for that to happen, you need a crisp presentation with all the necessary information presented in an attractive yet elegant way. It is essential to learn the art of succeeding in oral presentations, from the preparation phase of the presentation itself. No matter how elegant your PPT designs may be or advanced software you have used, it is your ability to tell a story that echoes and meets the needs of your audience that makes the difference. Our team of efficient, talented and experienced designers will create the story for you to be able to connect with your audience and potential customers.

  • We understand your audience
  • Bridging the gap
  • Proofreading and feedback
  • Full customization
  • Corporate presentations
  • Highly affordable service

Market Research

It is important for every business to process and gather important information about the potential and target market for its product and services. The right market research will lead them to the right target audience or customers and hence will increase their sales and revenue. So, it is important to have an in-depth knowledge regarding the existing and potential clients and their behavior to offer better products and services. It helps to understand the competition with other brands and the mode of the industry. You can have the analytical data of the competitions that you may have to face with your product. It is an ongoing, systematic and dynamic process and critical for business success.  

We offer exquisite market research and economic research tools and services. Get authentic surveys and statistics related to your industry. Use our templates or create your customized questionnaire with dozens of different questions and suggestions. Personalize the design of your questionnaire by inserting images, videos, and logos.

  • Market Research
  • Market Surveys
  • Evaluation Questionnaires
  • Create your own survey
  • Analysis of Answers
  • Support different industry sectors
  • Easy poll options

Sales and Email Copy

The processing, writing and sending of emails are daily activities and the requirement for every company. Why bother doing the routine protocol and waste your time when we can do it for you in a better manner. You can focus on the core activities of your business while we take care of writing the ideal sales and email copies. We offer complete management of sales and emails services for your company. Our experienced team of professionals will write the perfect sales and email copy for your business. We have ideal templates for different needs and they are completely customizable. The legal value of the registered e-letter is the same as that of a registered letter with standard acknowledgement. There will be not a single error or misunderstanding resulting in wrong interpretation or words used in your sales and email copy.

  • Hoards of templates
  • Full customization
  • Endless corrections
  • Free samples
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Legally valid points

Business Names & Slogans

Business names should be selected after thinking a lot about the products or services offered and potential customer base. You have to choose unique names and this you cannot change quickly. So, you have to be very cautious and precise before selecting the name of your company. Similarly, a catchy slogan is essential to give your brand consumer acceptance and kick-start your business. The right slogans help you in the brand advertisement and promotion effectively. Customers will identify your brand through the perfect slogan. We have an extensive list of slogans, expressions and brand names to choose from. Our professionals will help you select the best possible slogan, expression or brand name for you to make your business a grand success.

  • Catchy advertising slogan
  • Exclusive brand names
  • Tips and method of right selection
  • Create your own slogan
  • 100% original content
  • Free samples for evaluation

E-commerce listing

E-commerce, also known as e-commerce, is defined as the sale of goods and services that are made over the Internet. This form of commerce is divided into two main spheres: retail e-commerce, which enables the online sale of products and services for everyday consumption, and B2B e-commerce. Improve customer service by providing an interface for consumers, lower the costs and adapt the offer to the profile of the customers. Have more visibility, especially through social media and their sharing system. We have the expertise in local marketing and destinations to scale your existing or new business to new heights. Our integrated marketing team will maximize marketing efforts and increase market share through E-Commerce Implementation and Consulting Services. We can make the difference.

  • Programming of customized features
  • Business analysis
  • Business documentation
  • Cloud infrastructure and on-site expertise
  • Online and operational sales strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization and Analytics

Bookkeeping and Auditing

The economic and financial activity of companies constantly requires new professionals in accounting and management. Advanced bookkeeping and auditing is a real asset in the business world and is dynamic in nature. A wide choice of bookkeeping and auditing services is offered, accessible to all levels and adapted to your company needs. We will provide expert advice and services related to Bookkeeping and Auditing for your business needs. We have a highly professional team of accountants to recognize your case and are highly experienced in accounting. By choosing us you entrust your business files to a competent accountant, who is subject to professional secrecy. Our dedicated accountant will guide you to make the best choices in accounting.

  • Accounting
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Tax returns
  • Balance sheet (tax book)
  • Unlimited Advice / Tax Optimization
  • High quality and Low Fees
  • Dedicated Accountant
  • Personalized service

Coozmoo Corporation Advantages


Unlimited Tips

Experts will advise you on the choice of your legal structure, business policies, presentations and other business writing services for the best possible outcomes and least possible taxes.

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Customized Business Plans

Personalized coaching to propel your business through expert advice and the right strategies based on efficient market research.


Legal Compliances

Our team will ensure that your company is following all the necessary regulatory compliances and legal formalities of your business location.


Strong Legal Team

We have access to highly motivated and experienced network or legal advisors and an on-board team of lawyers.

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Value for Money

We know the importance of your hard earned money and charge reasonably to support our excellent pool of professionals.


Customized Guidance

We go beyond professional duties to provide customized guidance according to your legal needs. Our experienced team with superb legal knowledge will offer you invaluable suggestion.

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